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Why We LOVE BarkBox!


Happy Tuesday! We are finally getting back to normal after the storm, thankfully! I am still continuously praying for those who were affected! Thankfully all we had was minor water damage to a window but we are getting that fixed!

I wanted to share why we (the pups and I) love BarkBox so much! Y’all, the stuff they send you is seriously SO cute and it’s such great quality! Each month they have a theme and the whole box goes off that theme. I seriously look forward to opening them each month and seeing how the dogs like the new toys!

So how it works is you sign up and choose the size of your dogs. Because I have three, I chose the largest sized box because Remi is my biggest and I didn’t want her to be able to chew the toys up! After you choose you will start receiving the box around the 15th of each month. Usually they send two new toys, 2 bags of treats and then a bone or other bigger treat of some sort. You get all of this for $24 a month! I don’t know about you but if I went to Petsmart and bought all of this I would usually be spending double! I love it and my dogs love it so basically it’s a win-win for us! Last months theme was galaxy and I put a few pictures in what came in it! I can’t wait for this months box to get here!

You can click HERE to get a FREE month of BarkBox! Trust me, your dogs will thank you!

P.S.: It’s rare I get a picture with all three dogs 😉 This was the best we got!

Now, about this cute and simple outfit I have on! My shirt is from Nordstrom and y’all EVERYONE needs it in their closet! Seriously SO soft! I could sleep in it AND it’s 40% off right now! My jeans are again my fave jeans from Express and my shoes are Tory Burch! My pendent necklace is from Natalie Wood Designs. I am obsessed with her jewelry! It’s such great quality and all so cute! There is also a way to receive 15% off your entire purchase on her website!

I hope everyone is having a great week! If you have any questions or want to see something specific on the blog, feel free to email me at!

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