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Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Pictures

I’m gonna apologize now for the amount of pictures. I just couldn’t help but want to share!

 Happy #WeddingWednesday! I am so excited to start this series. I’ve learned so much already about the wedding planning process and am so excited to share it all with you! OK I know I got a little crazy with the pictures but I love them all so much and couldn’t wait to share them! Whether you are getting married, about to get engaged, or even have friends getting married and don’t know what to wear, I am going to cover it!

Today I am talking engagement pictures! This was one of my favorite things to do so far. When Patrick and I got engaged in January, I immediately knew who I wanted to use as our photographer, Kristen Davis with Kristen Davis Photography. She is a dear friend of my family’s and I trust her with my heart and knew she would give me exactly what I had in mind. I literally called her the day after we got engaged and told her that I didn’t have a date or a venue but I knew I wanted her as our photographer! I decided that I wanted it to be warm and sunny outside when we took our engagements so we decided to wait until March for our first session and June for our second session. Patrick, my fiancé, was living in Minnesota at the time for his job training so we had to split it up into two weekends. The first session we did was in McKinney and I absolutely LOVED them. We ended up finding this old abandoned barn and they turned out to be my favorite pictures. The second location we chose was College Station. Patrick played college baseball at Texas A&M, so we decided that we wanted some on Olsen Field because baseball is how we met! Our second session of that day was also done in College Station, under the Century Tree. If you have no idea what the Century Tree is, you can read about it here!

Deciding what to wear for engagements was seriously a struggle for me. So many people told me to wear all nice clothes but Patrick and I are such laid back people that I wanted something a little more casual as well. I decided that I would wear more casual in McKinney because it is such a small town with a small town feel and dress up a little more for the Century Tree pictures. I am so glad I went with both!

My advice is definitely stay true to yourself when you are deciding what to wear, or go with both like we did! When shopping, I honestly just looked for stuff that I would normally wear! I didn’t want to look back at these pictures and think “OMG what in the world was I wearing?!” One question I asked myself multiple times was, “Am I supposed to wear white?” I decided to wear the white romper mainly because I wanted to match Patrick for the field pictures without wearing maroon! Although white is the color most brides think they HAVE to wear, it is definitely not a must! Some people might hate themselves in white and that is totally fine! It might wash some of you out in pictures which is definitely something you do not want! I am so glad I did both looks (casual and dressier), and even more glad that we decided to do one with the dogs! It’s one of my favorite pictures! If only it was video’d and you all could see how much of an absolute NIGHTMARE it was trying to get all three dogs to look at the camera! Haha!

A other couple pieces of advice I received from others, and am SO glad I did, was wear more makeup than usual and get a tan! A spray tan can seriously change the whole look of the picture. I heard the saying once, “If you can’t tone it, tan it”, and that is seriously my life motto 😉 I feel like I look so much better with a tan. Wearing more makeup doesn’t mean you have to cake it on your face and look like a clown, it just means to wear a little more so it looks like you are done up in the pictures!

I hope you all enjoyed the first #WeddingWednesday series on the blog! I am so excited for the future posts I have planned. If you want to see something specific on the blog or something specific featured on the future wedding posts, please reach out to me or email me!

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