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Wedding Wednesday: What to Wear to Weddings

Happy #WeddingWednesday! I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday! Wednesday’s are bad because they mean we are only halfway through the week but also SO good because it means we are halfway through the week! If that makes any sense at all 😉

Do y’all ever have trouble deciding what to wear to weddings? I seriously have the hardest time deciding what to wear. Do I go nice? But what if I’m too nice? What if I’m underdressed?! My rule of thumb is always to go the more dressy route. I would so much rather be overdressed than underdressed. I really wish people would send examples of what they want you to wear in their invitations! Wouldn’t that be so nice?! Haha! I always try to dress off the invitation. If the invitations looks nicer than I go for a more formal look and if it looks more casual then I go the more casual route. I also always like to check the wedding website to see if they put what attire you should wear on it. As a last resort, you can always ask the bride or groom!

This dress I am wearing it perfect for dressier weddings! You could even dress it down by wearing wedges or even the right pair of booties! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it online but it’s from Nordstrom and I am OBSESSED! It fits so well. I paired it with this clutch and these heels!

So being that Patrick and I are getting married in January in Texas, it could either be sunny and 75 degrees outside like it was this past year or 35 degrees and snowing like it has also been in the past! Y’all, we are literally just throwing our hands up and saying “Jesus, take the wheel” and give us good weather! So seriously, we appreciate all the weather prayers we can get for that day! I am going to put different dress options for each season below!

Fall Weddings:

So I actually have 3 weddings to go to between now and then end of the year! One of them I am a bridesmaid so I don’t have to worry about a dress for that one but the other two I will be just attending. For fall weddings, I would say definitely go off the invitation and weather outside! For a more casual wedding you could wear something like this and for a more formal wedding you could go with something like this!

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Winter Weddings:

For winter weddings, a long sleeve dress like this one would be perfect. You can wear heels with any dress to dress it up or boots to dress it down!

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As always, if you have any questions or want to see something specific, feel free to reach out to me!

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