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Home Teeth Whitening + What’s In My Purse

Before and After

Hello friends! Happy Friday! Y’all, I have been SO busy lately! Definitely a good kind of busy but I feel like I haven’t stopped. Wedding craziness has officially started along with the hustle and bustle around the holidays! With Christmas, New Years and our wedding coming up I have definitely started prepping with hair masks, face masks and teeth whitening! So many pictures are in my near future and I want to make sure I look my absolute best. I mean, who wants to look back on your wedding pictures and not like the way you look?! I was super excited to start using the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit. I have already noticed such a huge difference in the color of my teeth and it’s only been a few weeks!
When you order the kit, the company sends you a box with the molding and the trays to make your molds in. There are step by step instructions inside which makes it super easy! After you make your impressions, you just put them back in the mailer they include in the box and ship them back to Smile Brilliant! They then make your custom fitted whitening trays and ship them right back to you! They have a super quick turnaround so you can get to whitening! The teeth whitening gel comes in tubes that you line your tray with. It’s not messy and they actually stay on your teeth unlike the other whitening products that I have tried! I usually wear mine while I’m getting ready and I literally forget I have them in! It is so nice to have something comfortable and that stays in and does the job. The best part about them is it doesn’t make my teeth sensitive. I have seriously tried every whitener in the books but they all make my teeth so sore! Smile brilliant is great because it comes with desensitizing gel as well to use after whitening to prevent soreness.
My teeth whitening trays and gel are something I always have in my purse! I will pop them in if I have down time somewhere and like to have it with me so I can whiten every day! I also always have Stila baci lipstick, stila lip liner and urban decay velvetizer powder. These 4 products are my favorites and I am constantly using them!
Now for the best part! The GIVEAWAY! The giveaway is for $139 credit to Smile Brilliant and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.


I hope everyone has a great day! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! This is one you won’t want to miss 😉

Home Teeth Whitening

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