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23 Things About Me

Dress: Free People | Shoes: Steve Madden

Hello friends! Happy Thursday! Today is my 23rd birthday so I decided to do a fun post and share 23 different things about myself that you all might not already know! Also, stay tuned for a fun birthday giveaway I am doing starting next Tuesday, February 13th! I totally planned on starting it today but wedding stuff got crazy and I am not done putting it all together! It will involve all of my favorite things and I am so excited about it! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

  1. I am obsessed with sweet tea! I have tried to switch to unsweet tea multiple times but have never succeeded!
  2. Mexican food is my all time favorite food. I would eat it every meal if it was acceptable!
  3. One of my favorite snacks is kettle corn popcorn mixed with nacho cheese Dorito’s. Yes I know, it sounds so weird but I promise it is SOOOOO good!
  4. I am a shoe fanatic and have been since I was little. My mom says I used to ask her to take me shoe shopping every time I had money to spend!
  5. I have three dogs that are my children. Sadie is a lab mix, Remi is a yellow Lab and Molly is a miniature dachshund .
  6. I have a serious issue with other people’s feet and freak out if someone puts their feet on me.
  7. I started showing sheep and goats when I was 8 years old and showed all through school until I was 18. I was heavily involved in 4H but was the farthest thing from “cowgirl” you have ever seen! I actually never even showed in boots, HA! I always showed in Sperries.
  8. I have never lived out of Texas. Patrick is trying to take me somewhere new!
  9. I have to dip anything I eat in some kind of sauce!
  10. My favorite dressing is Ranch.
  11. I haven’t grown in height since the seventh grade. LOL
  12. I started babysitting for people at age 11 and have been ever since. I absolutely LOVE kids!
  13. I am in the process of getting my teachers certificate right now to be able to teach elementary school and I am SO excited to work with kids every day.
  14. I LOVE graphic design and actually wanted to do that when I graduated college but decided that I hated the marketing side of things. Instead I have decided to teach and do graphics on the side.
  15. I only have one sister, Hannah, and she is 26. My poor dad!
  16. I am addicted to the Investigation Discovery Channel. Besides Grey’s Anatomy, it’s the only channel I watch on TV.
  17. My all time favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy. I’m not kidding when I say I have watched every episode of all 14 seasons like seven times.
  18. I’m a total girly girl but LOVE fishing and hunting!
  19. I eat Chick-Fil-A or McAllisters at least 4 times a week.
  20. I have absolutely no rhythm but love to dance.
  21. I’m certified to scuba dive and it is one of my favorite things to do.
  22. I dated a guy all through high school and throughout my first year of college and was treated very poorly. When I finally broke up with him I told myself I was going to take at least a year to myself before getting into another relationship. I met Patrick days after that year had passed. God’s timing is always perfect!
  23. My dream is to open up a dog adoption center! I would absolutely LOVE to be able to take in dogs that don’t have homes and find their forever homes!

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