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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Everything You Need to Know

<<<<Click Here for the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog >>>>

The Nordstrom anniversary sale is just around the corner and it is the PERFECT time to buy wardrobe staples and fall and winter clothing at a huge discount! I wanted to answer questions, share dates & times, and explain what the sale is so you all will be prepared. You will hear every blogger talking about this for good reasons! I love seeing everyones favorite pieces and sharing all of my favorite pieces from the sale with you all! My plan is to shop on the first day of early access and share my favorites with you all, and then do different blog posts for each category and share those with you as well! If there is anything specific you are searching for, let me know below! Stay tuned for lots of sale updates, posts, and shopping guides for each category!

Here is everything you need to know about the sale!

This year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts July 19th and goes until August 4th for public access.

Dates and Times to Remember:

July 9th: Icon Level Nordy Club members can pre-shop in-store
July 10th and 11th: Icon and Ambassador Nordy Club members can pre-shop in-store
July 12th to July 18th: Early Access begins for Nordstrom Cardholders
July 19th: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Opens to the Public
August 4th: The sale ends and items return to regular pricing

I wanted to share the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog with you today so you can go ahead and start bookmarking the things you want! There will be so much more on sale than what is in the catalog, but things sell out so quickly so it is a good way to get an idea of what you want to snag!

For all of you Nordstrom Cardholders, you will get EARLY ACCESS to shop the sale EIGHT DAYS EARLY! If you are not a Nordstrom cardholder, click HERE to become one! So worth it!

So, why is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale such a big deal?

This is truly the best sale all year long! It is the time that Nordstrom releases brand NEW fall and winter merchandise on MAJOR SALE. It’s the perfect time of year because after shopping you’ll be set for the fall months! There are always the cutest boots, booties, jackets, sweaters, and even athletic wear!

How and where do I shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

You can shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale both in stores and online, but I recommend shopping online for better stock! You can shop online and select in-store pickup if you have a store near you!

Do you need a code to shop?

You don’t need a code to shop! If you have early access, you will log into your account and automatically be able to shop the sale. If you are not a cardmember you will be able to see the sale items but not shop them until the 19th.

How do I get early access?

Early access gives you the ability to shop the sale 8 days before anyone else! You will want to because things sell out SO fast! To get early access, you will need to be a Nordstrom cardmember.
CLICK HERE To Apply for a Nordstrom Card!

If you have any other questions or are looking for something specific, let me know below! I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

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