Bridals + Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Happy Wedding Wednesday y’all! I apologize for the amount of pictures but now that I have all my pictures and video back, I can finally share everything with you guys! Today I’m sharing my bridals and talking all about finding the perfect dress. Finding my dress was definitely one of my favorite parts of my wedding! I’m pretty sure it’s a highlight in every girls wedding planning journey!

 I started out in San Antonio and went to three dress shops. I took a day and met my mom there to try on different style dresses and figure out which style I liked! I had a million different dresses saved on my Pinterest and thought I knew exactly which style I wanted. Boy was I wrong! They always say you will end up picking a dress you never expected yourself in and that couldn’t be more true! I tried on around 12 different dresses that day and at the last store I was actually set on one of them. I thought I had found my dress but the woman helping us was an absolute witch! She was extremely pushy and didn’t listen to anything I wanted and totally pushed my opinions of each dress out the window. As soon as I came out of the fitting room, I looked at my mom and we were both on the same page. I wanted to try on dresses but we definitely were not buying one from that woman! HA!

After trying on many different styles, I had it narrowed down to around 5 different fits that I liked. A few weeks after I went to San Antonio, I had my mom and sister and a few of my bridesmaids that were able to attend come with me to my appointments in Dallas. I went to two different dress shops there and had a dressing room full of dresses at the second place we went to. I was in the fitting room when my mom brought me my dress and told me she found it hanging on the wall in the front and wanted me to try it on. I was totally opposed at first! I was not sure about the whole two piece thing. She pushed me to try it on and as always, moms know best! As soon as I tried it on I fell in love and knew that it was my dress. I loved that the whole top coat came off and it looked like a completely different dress to wear for the reception!

Taking my bridals was SO much fun! I took mine at the Dallas Arboretum and they had SO many different places to take them. I loved getting my hair and makeup done and of course getting to wear my dress before the wedding! Having a trial hair and makeup before the wedding day was crucial to me to make sure they knew exactly how I wanted it. I used Tousled Studio for my hair and Ashlann TaraAnn for my makeup. They both were so great and did exactly what I wanted! I wanted something that was timeless and loved what they both came up with!

I hope you enjoyed looking through my bridals and my journey of finding the perfect dress! My biggest advice is make sure you are comfortable! I was so thankful to be able to move around in my dress the whole night of the wedding. Also, no matter what anyone else thinks, pick the dress YOU love! YOU are the one that has to wear it! Most girls have been looking forward to this day their whole life so don’t let anyone else ruin it for you!

Special Thanks To:

Floral and Planning: Bella Blooms by Mary Frances Wagnon

Photographer: Kristen Davis Photography

Hair: Tousled Studio

Makeup: Ashlan TaraAnn

Dress: The Blushing Bride

Dress Designer: Crystal Design

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Bachelorette Weekend Recap

It’s wedding Wednesday! This past weekend was my bachelorette weekend and let me tell you, we had an absolute blast! My bridesmaids, house party, my mom, Patrick’s mom, my aunt and I met in Austin for the weekend. We stayed in this house and it was perfect! We had more than enough room and there were 14 of us total! My sister made our shirts and our party favors. She made us sleep shirts for our shirts and they are so comfy! If you need anything made, feel free to reach out to me for her contact information! Our hangover kits came from Etsy from Daws and Gray. Courtney was SO easy to work with and the kits were so cute and such great quality. I definitely recommend using her. She has so many different things!

Friday Night:

Friday we all got there around 5. A few of them got their earlier to decorate and did such a good job! The theme of the weekend was fiesta and they decorated perfectly to match that! We got the cutest “nacho average fiesta” napkin from Etsy. They came from Sprinkle Social. She has so many different cute things for parties! We had tacos for dinner that night and then got ready to go to Pete’s Piano Bar. If you have not been here, I definitely recommend it! We had so much fun and it was nice to be able to sit and talk and listen to the music without having to go bar hopping! We got there at 8PM and didn’t leave until 1AM and had so much fun the whole time. Make sure to try their pineapple fish bowl drink 😉


On Saturday, we woke up and had breakfast at the house and then got ready for the aerial class. We went to Sky Candy Austin for the aerial class and this was hilarious! We each got turns on each apparatus and let me tell you, this was wayyyyy harder than I expected! Definitely have a lot of respect for people who do this because you have to be in such good shape! After the class we went back to the house and had burgers for lunch. We rested and everyone showered and got dressed for the night. We had dinner at Iron Cactus which was perfect because they had gluten free stuff that I was able to eat. Their margaritas were super good too! After dinner we went back to the house to freshen up and this is when I opened my gifts from everyone! From their, we took a party bus to sixth street downtown. I was so not about going to sixth street at first but we ended up having a great time. It was definitely not something I would do every night but it made for a fun girls night! We bar hopped to a few different bars and then when we were ready to go home, the bus was there and ready to take us home! The party bus was definitely worth the investment. We used Limos of Austin and the bus was great!


On Sunday we got up and picked the house up and left for brunch! We had Black Walnut Cafe, which I super recommend for gluten free people because they have the BEST gluten free pancakes! After breakfast we said our goodbyes and headed home!

I could not have asked for a better weekend with all of my favorite girls! This weekend made me that much more excited for the wedding because we are one step closer! If you have any questions about anything, feel free to reach out!